This blog is the combined effort of a biodiversity scientist and informatician (name: Rob Guralnick) and an information scientist/data curator/PhD student (name: Andrea Thomer).  The original idea behind the blog was simple: serious thoughts on digitization meets less serious discourse on zombies, rabbits, zombie-rabbits and Tron.  However, we’ve lately widened our focus — digitization of specimens is great, but we wanna talk data, too.  And about rabbits now and again, too.

Our goal is to discuss all aspects biocollections digitization and natural history informatics in a meaningful, interesting way while hopefully maintaining the level of lighthearted (albeit impassioned), carefree cogitation that one would expect from a pair of nerds who can’t stop talking shop even after drinks have been served…

2 Responses to About

  1. B. Hammond says:

    It’s wonderful to see your site. I’m an Information Science student working with the NCSU Insect Museum on a study of one of their digitization efforts. Have you seen NCSU’s Gigpan project? http://www.gigapan.org/profiles/23796/

  2. Andie says:

    Hey, that’s really neat! Hadn’t seen that project specifically, but I have heard of other entomology collections using Gigapan imaging on their drawers. Are you working with any other institutions?

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