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Andrea is a Ph.D. student in Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is supported by the Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship.

Re:Sourcing Primary Materials: Notes from A Workshop

Last week, we both attended a workshop on Primary Source Material digitization organized by iDigBio, where we had some great, truly interdisciplinary conversations with folks like Rusty Russell over at the Field Book Project, Ben Brumfield at From The Page, … Continue reading

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How is finding a consensus among citizen science transcriptions like aligning gene sequences AND textual analysis of medieval codices? Part 2

(cross-posted at SciStarter) In our last post, we went through the mechanics of how to find consensus from a set of independently created transcriptions by citizen scientists — this involved a mash-up of bioinformatics tools for sequence alignment (repurposed for … Continue reading

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This week in digitization: The good, the buggy, and the curious

This will be old news to many, but regardless: two big projects related to specimen digitization and biodiversity informatics launched in the past couple weeks.   Quick impressions on both below, focusing on the good, the buggy and a few items … Continue reading

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Post-Henderson Post

So You Think You Can Digitize had a bit of an unplanned hiatus; turns out that maintaining a blog while its authors take a something like 15+ trips, attend to work/school responsibilities, and write gobs of papers is a bit … Continue reading

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JHFNP, Post 4.5

A quick mini-post here, to tell of some interesting things: 1) Notebook 1 is DONE.  Fully annotated, and all within 3 days of our last post.  This represents many hours of work and the creation of hundreds of annotations: {{place|…}} … Continue reading

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Field Notes Challenge Part 4: Help, ‘Cause We Need Somebod(y/ies)

Co-written once again with Gaurav Vaidya. Over the last week, Gaurav has continued to pull templates out of his hat (leaving rabbit pulling to Rob and his bunnies) and we now have templates for locations and dates.  The syntax for … Continue reading

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Field Note Challenge Part 2: Veni, Vidi, Wiki

SYTYCD would like to welcome guest blog co-author Gaurav Vaidya. A week ago, we told you about our cunning plan to play around with annotating and publishing one  transcribed notebook of Junius Henderson’s field notes. We’ve had two big successes in the last … Continue reading

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